Pre-Designed House Plans

Gommier house plan

EC$2,585 Drawings Only
EC$4,020 Drawings and Cost Estimate
Floor Area 1,435sqft
Stories 1 | Bedrooms 2 | Bathrooms 2
Exterior Dimensions 41′ x 41′

The Gommier’s design splits the building into three connected aisles. An open plan living room / dining room and kitchen ensemble occupies the almost 16 foot wide central aisle. The master suite occupies one of the lateral aisles entirely, while the other lateral aisle houses the second bedroom, the common bathroom and the laundry room.

One of the first notable features of the design is the three porches (entry-porch and two side terrace combination) on the front façade. These connect to the Living room entrance, Master bedroom and second bedroom respectively, and enhance the appeal of the façade with their half-round arches that frame the receded full height windows and doors set on the building’s exterior wall.

Forms and Materials: This design employs a split level roof formed of three shed roof frames that cover the three aisles of the building. The central and one lateral drop roofs slope toward the outer wall, while the remaining drop roof slopes in the opposite direction. The original design assumes concrete masonry wall construction, French doors with painted timber accents, and multi-lite sash windows. The design has the flexibility to employ a wide range of casework and fixture choices.

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