Fort Young Hotel

In January 2010 the Fort Young Hotel, one of Dominica’s most renowned and famous hotels, sought to improve the visual appeal of some of its public areas. Millenia was their choice to produce designs that would best handle this challenge, and still focus on the conservation of the features from its history as a fort.

The Main Entrance is enhanced with the introduction of a heavy timbered portico - more welcoming and appealing than the simple fabric canopy on metal frame that originally sheltered the main portal of the hotel. This majestic structure directs the client to the reception area.

It’s amazing how the new design was able to change a place which was unattractive, and often crowed into a Reception Area. The two openings by the reception desk, the removal of the front beam and the cannon enlarged the space, and the new colour, the stone walls, the wooden shelves and the furniture create this warm feeling that was inexistent.

The Balas bar is the most used locale in the Hotel. However the existing bar didn’t have sufficient storage and Bar stocks and equipment were visible to the customers, giving an impression of untidiness. The new design was able, by use of the same footprint, to create a storage area in back while improving the functionality of the bar. The bar countertop is the only feature remaining from the old bar. The brick wall is replaced by horizontal timber cladding. The horizontal lines formed by the spacings add a pronounced linearity to the design which matches with the shelves for the glasses and bottles. Above the bar a bulkhead with new light fixtures brings a new ambiance to the place.

The covering of the stair leading towards the new building was rethought to allow natural light and ventilation. The use of massive wood was preferred as a continuation of the Fort theme that influences the design. The wooden structure is covered with bronze polycarbonate roof sheeting which helps to reduce the sun’s glare but allows a warm glow to bathe the stairs.

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