Pre-Designed House Plans

Apricot house plan

EC$5,440 Drawings Only
EC$7,994 Drawings and Cost Estimate
Floor Area 2,554 sqft
Stories 3 | Bedrooms 3 | Bathrooms 3 1/2
Exterior Dimensions 27′ x 47′

This sleek and contemporary design is geared to make the most out of sloped terrains.
Space Distribution: This design distributes three bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms over three floor levels, placing a bed and bath on each floor. The basement level which cuts into the slope forms an independent apartment with additional space for future extensions. The first floor contains a little less than 1,400 square feet of living space including living and dining rooms, kitchen and garage, and a relaxing terrace. The top floor comprises a private bedroom suite. Its concrete slab terrace which also serves as the first floor roof provides ample space for social events and could be used for future additions.
Modern and Contemporary Features: The design incorporates a butterfly roof on the top floor; a prevailing feature in contemporary architectural design. It lends a distinct angularity and character to this model. Add some horizontal timber sunshade members that protect the main stairwell, crisp straight edges on masonry walls, a bit of stone facing to ground the entire building and you’ve got a recipe for timeless beauty.

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