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Pre-Designed House Plans
We have captured and assembled an array of Caribbean style architecture pre approved residential plans for the customer that wishes to escape the formal design process or really is not sure what they want. Our special focus is an appeal to hard working class individuals looking to build and needing an affordable option.

We create ideas and dreams into buildings, spaces and environments that closely represent our clients objectives and culture into a functional and sustainable product.


Clients are increasingly more focussed on the appeal and functionality of their spaces. We are committed to developing decor that is sustainable, quality driven, and efficient.


At the start of each project clients are taken through a journey of our project process. We first listen to list, identify and review client requirements to develop an understanding of their needs, wants and culture to lead to best solutions advice. We generate in document or simple form an activity plan. From there we develop a functional concept that forms the basis of the project.


About Millenia Architects
Millenia Architects, began operations in 2008 with a focus on ‘In the field research’, Architectural Design, Land Planning Consulting and more recently, interior design and project monitoring. The caliber of our highly qualified architects is reflected in the quality of the projects executed to date. We provide a comprehensive range of service to clients, emphasizing attention to detail and accuracy to help clients assess, develop, and implement their ideas in a safe and efficient manner. From concept planning through to completion Millenia Architects combines knowledge, common sense and practical experience to produce projects that are structurally sound, functional and aesthetically pleasing within time and budget for our Clients, and this results in much valued long and lasting business relationships. The company has successfully completed a number of projects including design development and construction management in Dominica and St. Vincent. Our markets range from private residential and commercial to a wide variety of public. We are supported by a number of local, regional and international firms that allow us to offer our clients a high level product.


Our Mission

To deliver the best services in a supportive environment, locally and regionally, through the provision of real estate, unique model house and building designs, construction of residential and commercial buildings, architectural and engineering consultancy.