Dan S. Kennedy said, “Productivity is the deliberate, strategic investment of your time, talent, intelligence, energy, resources, and opportunities in a manner calculated to move you measurably closer to meaningful goals.”

Tips For Creating A Home Office That Encourages Productivity & Efficiency

Whilst working from home provides much convenience, in order to be productive and efficient, persons are encouraged to have an appropriate work area, which allows them to create a work atmosphere, away from the house chores.

Whatever space you have to work with, limited or otherwise, it is more imperative that you feel good spending time there.  This could be a dedicated space in your kitchen, your living room or a cozy corner in your bedroom.

Today we offer some simple tips to assist you in working effectively at home: 

Choose the most appropriate furniture and fittings


Once the space has been identified, choose the most appropriate furniture and fittings, bearing in mind, the size of your designated office space. Your choice should be based on several conditions including your health.  If you suffer from back pain and eyestrains, consult your doctor before choosing your furniture and equipment (computer etc.).  If you are free from these health conditions, one should still choose wisely to reduce the risk of these ailments in the future.

To avoid clutter and to practice Clean Desk Policy, an office desk with draws, a filing cabinet and a few shelves, would be useful for some much needed storage space, which will definitely enhance the ambiance of your office.

Get all distractions away from your office space

Televisions, games and even household chores are common distractions. Take the television and similar devises away. Ensure your office chair is not facing areas like your kitchen where you may spot some dirty dishes staring at you..

Utilize some extra space

If there is an extra room, a garage or an area that is seldom used, dedicate that area for an office space. You may also consider adding another room if there is sufficient yard space. This will actually increase the value of your home.

Remember your space must be well lit. Ample lighting is important for every type of workspace. This helps to improve the motivation level and functionality. Working near windows, also increases your access to natural light, which has a positive effect on the body and your mind.

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Steel framing is a construction method where steel columns and beams are assembled using a variety of fasteners usually in a rectilinear fashion to create a support for floors, roofs, etc. to purposefully construct a building. While steel frame construction is predominantly used for large, simple structures, such as garages and warehouses, there has been an increase in its usage in a wide range of other types of developments, such as offices, schools and even residential properties.

There are several distinct advantages that steel frame construction offers when compared to brick, concrete and timber constructions.

1)Because of its high strength to weight ratio structural, steel components are stronger and more durable than their concrete counterpart. The strength and flexibility of steel frames allow them to withstand the effects of natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes which are a part of our regular weather system and do create planning challenges for our region.

2)Steel frames can be easily fabricated into different sizes while still retaining the strength properties. They can be customized to bear specific loads in buildings of all different types and sizes and allows for creative and innovative designs.

3)Steel frame construction’s fire ratings can be improved and well managed, thereby reducing the risk of fire damage to the building and retarding the spread of a fire if it does occur.

4)Structural steel components are insusceptible to the harmful effects of insects and other animals. Effects which can cause significant problems for timber structures that are not properly treated.

5)Steel frames are prefabricated off-site to fit a certain specification before being sent to the construction site. Because of this they are immediately ready to be assembled. No curing times are required to add to construction periods.

6)Steel framed construction can provide competitive construction cost rates and in fact for low rise commercial construction does provide better rates than its counterparts.

If you are in the planning stages of a development and want help deciding whether steel frame construction is a good choice for you get in touch with an engineer today.



In Western Architecture, the living room, also referred to as the family room, lounge or sitting room, is a room typically found in a residential home or an apartment for the main purpose of relaxation and socializing. The living room, being central gathering place of the home, is one of the most used rooms in the home as it serves the entire family as well as guests. Because the living room is so frequently used it is important that it is kept as well organized as possible. Here are a few organizational tips that can be used to keep your living room looking attractive and feeling comfortable:

  • Most people consider a living room to be incomplete without the presence of a coffee table. Coffee tables are low tables designed to be placed in front of the sofa or upholstered chairs around which family members and guests can gather. But what most people fail to realize is its potential to reduce clutter in the room and provide storage. While well suited for beverages and the occasional snack, the coffee table is also good for storing books, magazines, and decorative objects. Simply ensure that this is done in a well presented manner.
  • Maybe one day all appliances will be wireless, but that day is not today. The television set, sound system, computer and the list goes on can at times be a nuisance when having to deal with detangling their cords and just looking at the visual mess the cords can make. If you want to keep these cords out of sight consider tucking them under an area rug, creatively hiding them behind or underneath furniture, or putting in an outlet directly in the floor.
  • When it comes to the arrangement of your furniture be sure to use scaled pieces to create balance. The size of the pieces of furniture in the room should be relative to each other and the size of the room. Properties that are scaled similarly are more serene when used together, in addition the right balance of pieces creates a harmonious atmosphere. Also keep in mind that when the furniture in the room is out of scale, it will be noticed and the room will feel disorganized and unwelcoming.

There are many other personal touches you can to your living room to keep it well organized. Keep in mind that one of the main goals should be keeping the room clutter free.

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You once worked in a well laid-out and organized office, but now the Coronavirus pandemic, COVID19, has demanded that you work from your home to support the “Stay at Home” drive, which will assist in curbing the spread of this deadly disease.

In some cases, this situation now calls for starting a makeshift office at home.  A piece of your personal space, is now being used to create a workspace, and it may just seem like a misfit.

No need to worry, we can help you work through this and succeed in creating a comfortable workspace at home. 

Here are some vital tips on how to create an organized home workspace, which will surely contribute to an environment that will contribute immensely to your productivity.


Firstly and most importantly…
1. Keep it clutter free – clear your desk whenever you step out; it could be for a short break.  A clean desk policy should be a usual practice, to keep all information confidential.

2. Give everything its space – everything deserves its space and must be kept there at all times. When you have a designated space for everything, items are easier to locate, and this saves time.

When everything is in place…
3. This makes your desk a combination of inspiration and efficiency. Place a wall art or a framed client testimonial within your line of sight – when things get tough, one needs a little motivation.   You can also keep a vision board close by to remind you of your long-term goals and a calendar to keep track of important activities and appointments.  

You are inspired and motivated, now…
4. Reduce stress and improve creativity and productivity, by adding a few plants to your office space. Some plants are known to help reduce noise levels, and provide clean air.

Keep your space well lit…
5. Ample lighting is important for every type of workspace.  This improves motivation level and functionality.  Working near windows, also increases your access to natural light, which has a positive effect on how you feel.

Whether you work from home or in a formal business setting these tips can be quite useful.

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It is the Christmas season; a season many of us look forward to every year. It is the time when we spend more time with our loved ones, reflect on the year’s activities and look towards the New Year. For the Millenia Group of Companies, this past year has been very challenging with many changes, and opportunities.

Two of the most significant achievements for the Millenia Group in 2019 include: arriving at an agreement with the Office of the NAO Dominica for design and construction of 2 regional emergency shelters. The second achievement is that we have begun the process of renewal as we innovate and adapt to the changes faced in the industry and develop plans for the future that build on our strengths.

During this season, it always brings about a time for pause and reflection, so I write this Christmas message expressing my appreciation to those of you who have supported our group either directly as clients or through referrals or merely considering us through your development goals. Behind the scenes, thank you to our dedicated staff who have supported with your talents and time — designing, supervising, preparing and reviewing, and sharing your positive energy where needed. I am always humbled by your drive to make our organization better. The words “thank you” do not begin to express my gratitude.

To those of you whose expectations we did not meet this past year, we trust that 2020 will be our year to serve you with the greatest pleasure and satisfaction.

To all of you— have a wonderful season and may the peace & joy that this season brings be yours today and always.

Warm Regards,

Alistair Grell.
Executive Director



Here are six (6) tips to help you create a workspace that is efficient, well-organized and improves productivity.

  1. Keeping your office space clutter free helps reduce stress and improves organization and efficiency. One way to ensure that your work station remains free of clutter is by clearing your desk whenever you step out. When you are going out for a break, to do a few errands or you are stepping out for the day, clear out your space.
  2. Keep everything in its place. When you have a designated space for everything, items are easier to locate. The familiarity of your workspace also removes distractions making it easier to focus and prioritize your work. 
  3. Make your desk a combination of inspiration and efficiency. Consider having wall art or client testimonials close by to inspire you and keep you motivated. You can also keep a vision board close by to remind you of your long-term goals and a calendar to keep track of important activities and appointments.  
  4. Adding a few plants to your office space or working in an area with a view of outside helps to reduce stress and improves creativity. Working near windows also increases your access to natural light which has a positive effect on how an individual feels.
  5. Ample lighting is important for every type of workspace. This improves your motivation and functionality by creating a productive atmosphere that is conducive for working.
  6. The design of your office space should reflect your company’s character. By your design choices you can communicate your brand to customers/visitors. Your choice of decor, furniture, etc. should reflect your business culture and appeal to the type of customers you want to attract. 

Whether you work from home or in a formal business setting these tips can be quite useful.

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A powder room is essentially a secondary or half bathroom that usually contains only a toilet and a vanity or face basin, and is usually located near areas that accommodate guests such as the living room. They are usually smaller than the average bathroom, but despite this, they offer a great deal of convenience and comfort to the entire family and your guests.

Here are a few benefits of including a powder room in your home:

  • By including a powder room, guests can use the toilet or sink without walking through your entire home. For home owners who value their privacy, or for the occasions when you may not have gotten the opportunity to ensure that entire home is spick-and-span, having a powder room can be very convenient.

  • Powder rooms are a great use of space. Given their smaller size, powder rooms can fit into an already established floor plan without taking up too much space. Not only would including a full bathroom take up more space, it would also be more difficult to incorporate into an existing plan.

  • Including a powder room will likely increase your property value as well as its selling potential. Having additional bathrooms are a surefire way to get home buyers to consider purchasing your home. In addition, if a full bath cannot be included, a powder room is the next best option.

  • Including a powder room would help reduce the people to bathroom ratio. For large families, a powder room would be a welcomed addition to the home, as it would provide family members with more convenience since it decreases the foot traffic to the main bathroom.

Keep this additional tip in mind to create the optimal powder room: choose fittings that can easily fit into the room without taking up too much space. For example, using a pedestal sink instead of a cabinet will make the space appear larger and easier to move around.



In general renovation works can be an exciting process, however, this process can also be challenging and at times overwhelming. There is a lot that has to be considered when undertaking a renovation project. You will need to think about what you would like to / should tackle first. You will need to have an idea of how much you are able and willing to spend. As well as the extent of the work to be done. Would you need the assistance of professionals or are you planning minor changes that you will be able to work on yourself. You should have a general idea of all of this and more before getting started.

In this article, we discuss a few tips that you should keep in mind when planning on renovating your living space into a space that suits your needs, your style and your budget.

Spend time to planning before you begin. A lot of preparation and consideration needs to be taken before renovation works can commence, especially if structural changes have to be implemented or professionals are needed. You will need to know what function you want the room to serve. Ask yourself, ‘What is your goal for the newly renovated space?’ Are you renovating to make the room bigger? Do you want to give the room a more updated look? Are you renovating with the intention to increase the property value with plans to sell later down the line? Once you have a clear idea of what you want to achieve with the renovation you would have a better idea of what needs to be done.

When you are planning it is wise to think long term. Remember that your family and lifestyle is likely to change over the next few years. A newlywed couple planning to have children in a few years would need to ensure that the design of the space is child friendly. If the plan is to live in the home well into the golden years, it would be wise to make the room elder friendly as well. This can also offer immediate benefits if you have parents or grandparents who live with you or visit frequently.

It is important to be able to balance your new needs with the budget that you have for the renovation project.  It is wise to seek advice from an architect regarding how to creatively yet practically convert the existing design to the new and improved one while staying on budget.  



There are two main ways to create balance with your design. The first is SYMMETRICAL design and the second is ASYMMETRICAL.

Symmetrical design is achieved by placing identical objects on either side of a central point. Also referred to as formal balance, this design creates a quiet and restful feeling and suggests restraint, orderliness and formality.

With symmetrical design, everything is perfectly balanced. There is roughly two of everything or items are mirrored in the room. For instance, one chair is placed exactly opposite another one just like it. Identical light sconces are placed on both sides of a framed picture.

While this creates balance, it can also make a room look static and lacking any visual interest or energy. 

Experienced designers use asymmetry to create this interest. Asymmetrical design is achieved by placing different objects of equal visual weight on either side of a central point.

Objects balance well because they are judged by their visual weight, not pairings. For instance, you have a large sofa on one side of the room that is balanced by two large overstuffed chairs with an accent table in the middle and floor lamp behind. These pieces balance the sofa visually, even though they aren’t equal in size or shape. The design works because there is balance in the asymmetrical layout of the furniture.

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Forklifts make the hardest tasks easier, such as moving, lifting or handling loads. Particular attention to safety rules and standards is essential.

Here are some guidelines to follow for the safe operation of forklifts:

  • Only authorized persons should operate forklifts.
  • No riders should be allowed on forklifts. Do not raise people on a forklift.
  • Slow down whenever you approach a ramp and drive slowly up and down the ramp.
  • No one must walk, stand, or work under the elevated portion of a forklift (even if it is not loaded).
  • Ensure that the forklift has an overhead barrier to protect the operator from falling objects.
  • Drivers must be appropriately dressed – the correct safety gear, including hi-visibility jacket, safety shoes and hard-hats (as appropriate) should be worn.
  • Always work within the capacity limits of your forklift. Consult with the manufacturer or a qualified mechanic before modifying the operation or capacity limits of a forklift.
  • Do not operate a forklift in areas deemed hazardous or containing explosive materials.
  • Never lift a load while moving. Wait until you are completely stopped before raising the mast.
  • Be sure the top load sits squarely on the stack. An uneven load could topple.
  • Travel with loads slightly tilted back to provide stability.
  • Travel with loads at the proper height. A stable clearance height is usually 4 to 6 inches at the tips and 2 inches at the heels of fork blades.
  • Lift stacked loads in the same manner as loads on the floor.
  • When preparing to leave the forklift unattended, lower the mast, neutralize the controls, shut the power off, and set the brakes. – The forklift is “unattended” when the operator is more than 25 feet away or the forklift is out of view.
  • When ascending or descending a grade in excess of 10 percent, drive the forklift with the load upgrade.
  • If you cannot see over a load, drive in reverse. Do not try to look around a load and drive forward.